Saturday, 31 January 2009

伦敦- 2008 [ Part 3 ]

1. 继续,餐馆的名片。































Akira 思胜 said...

想知道哦, 哈哈, 为何连厕所也要拍照呢?

ೀ †ChueN ੴ said...


ღ百花女孩ღ said...


西西 said...

哎哟,没眼看 > < **

Man Ching said...

餐馆名字不是叫got rice 吗?

瓜瓜 said...



杨宝贝 said...

= = 吃得爽真好



xin said...


Irence said...

伦敦- 2008 [ Part 4 ]

❤oms❤Ψ said...


PikuLingu said...


Feeling said...


Cheddarina said...

Happy New Year!

Wait for more updates.....

董百勤 said...




~珊姑娘~ said...


Lminor said...


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